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International Natural

Trumpet Workshop 2019


In July of 2019, Julian Zimmermann offered perhaps the first workshop specifically for the natural trumpet and the musicians around the world who play them. The 2019 International Natural Trumpet took place in Langenbruck, Switzerland, and 10 participants all over the world were in attendance, including: Japan, England, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, and the  USA. The week was spent playing repertoire, watching presentations, studying musical sources, and receiving plenty of constructive criticism from the supervisor himself: Julian Zimmermann, who is a fantastic, upcoming performer on historic trumpets.

It was an incredible week and such an great experience to have met so many passionate people I can now call my friends.

Photography by Rolf Mäder and Takashi Nakamura.



Rolf Mäder Photography

Internationalen Naturtrompeten Workshops

Impressionen: Internationaler Naturtrompetenworkshop

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