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These are the tools of the trade, more photos and videos to come soon!

Billingsgate Buisine, Nathaniel Wood 2017, after anonymous, 1300s

     (Check out Nathan's site: Tuba Ductilis)

Renaissance Trumpet, ITW 2014, after H. Hainlain, 1632

Renaissance Slide Trumpet, ITW 2017, Hainlain Bell

Renaissance Sackbut, ITW 2019, Hainlain Bell

Baroque High Horn, Graham Nicholson after G. F. Steinmetz

Baroque Trumpet, Graham Nicholson after J.W. Haas, 1700s

Baroque Trumpet, Nikolai Mänttäri Morales after J.W. Haas, 1700s

Piston Cornet in Bb, Cuesnon, 1907

Piston Cornet in Bb, Courtois, 1911

Piston Trumpet in Bb, B&S Challenger I, 1980?

Piston Trumpet in C, B&S Challenger II, 2000s

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