Baroque Trumpet, J. W. Haas, ca. 1690-1710


This trumpet is based on an original by J. W. Haas made around 1700, and is perfectly suited for baroque repertoire from the beginning of the 18th century and beyond. Its smaller bore and narrower bell flare produces a clear, bright sound, making it particularly playable in the high register.

The pitch of this trumpet is set at modern pitch D in A=440, but can also be made in lower pitches if requested.

A full set of bits and crooks is included with every instrument.


Features all seamed tubing and all handmade parts.

Bore: 10.8mm, 0.4251"

Pitch: D, A=440

Accessories include: 3 bits and 3 crooks: Db, C, and B, in A=440.

Or D, Db, and C, in A=415.

Price: $2,200 USD

The original instrument lies in the National Music Museum.

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