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Baroque Trumpet after J. W. Haas

ca. 1690-1720


This trumpet is copied directly from an angel-head original by

J. W. Haas made around 1700 and is perfectly suited for baroque repertoire from the end of the 17th century to the beginning of the 18th century and beyond. Its smaller bore and distinct bell flare produces a clear, bright sound, with relatively even tuning all throughout.

With this instrument, Haas seems to have solved the inconsistent tuning exhibited by many contemporary trumpets, and so, is a specially good candidate for soloistic playing.

J. E. Altenburg stated in his famous essay about the Trumpeters' and Kettledrummers' Art (1795) that "... those trumpets made by J. W. Haas in Nuremberg and set with angel-heads are commonly held to be the best".

This trumpet is available in two models:

Simplified Model

The base corpus with simplified ferrules, garland, pommel, and 1 ornate wire around the garland as seen pictured to the right.

Original Model (not yet available)

The base corpus with fluted ferrules, angel heads, 3-headed pommel, and 2 ornate wires on the ferrules and garland.

The only difference between the models are the ornaments.

The pitch of this trumpet is set at baroque pitch D in A=415, but can also be made in baroque pitch Eb (modern D A=440)

A full set of bits and crooks is included with every instrument.


Features all seamed tubing and all handmade parts.

Bore: 10.8mm

Pitches: Baroque D 415 or Eb 415, also as Modern Db 440 or D 440

Accessories include: several bits of varying lengths and 2-3 crooks depending on the pitch of the trumpet:

D, Db, and C, in 415 (or Db, C, and B, in 440).

Case not included, I strive to be able to provide them in the future. 

Price as of 2022:

Simplified Model: $2,950 USD

Original Model: $3,950 USD (not yet available)

The original instrument lies in the National Music Museum.

For more information, visit:

J. W. Haas trumpet
Garland Closeup
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