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Friends, peers, organizations, and institutions that have inspired me along the years,

in no particular order. Click on the name in order to access their site.

They're all wonderful, check them out:

Sam Goble- Musician, Historical Instrument Maker

Jean-François Madeuf- Musician, Historical Trumpeter

Michael Münkwitz- Historical Instrument Maker, Supervisor of the International Trumpet-making Workshop

Richard Seraphinoff- Musician, Professor of Music at Indiana University, Natural Horn Maker,

Supervisor of the International Trumpet-making Workshop.

Nathaniel Wood- Musician, Historical Instrument Maker

Julian Zimmermann- Musician, Historical Trumpeter

Brass For Beginners- Brass for Beginners® is an interdisciplinary method for learning the fundamentals of brass playing using the natural trumpet.

They offer instruments and mouthpieces as well as educational material.

International Trumpet-making Workshop- A workshop focused on making natural trumpets using 17th century techniques. Supervised by Dr. Richard Seraphinoff, Dr. Robert Barclay, and Mr. Michael Münkwitz. No metal working experience needed.

Stiftelsens Musikkulturens Främjande- Music Museum in Stockholm, Sweden

National Music Museum- Music Museum in Vermillion, SD. U.S.A.

Historic Brass Society-The Historic Brass Society is an international music organization concerned with the entire range of early brass music...

American Music Instrument Society-The American Musical Instrument Society promotes better understanding of all aspects of the history, design, construction, restoration, and usage of musical instruments in all cultures and from all periods.

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